Create beautiful strategic plans, conduct complex analyses, and visualize TOC thinking processes
 without wasting hours rearranging elements in your graph.
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What can you do with Flying Logic?

  • Transition Trees
  • ​Future Reality Trees
  • Flowcharts
  • Conflict Resolution Diagrams
  • Prerequisite Trees
  • ​Concept Maps
  • ​Organization Charts
  • Argument Maps
  • Bayesian Reasoning
  • Core Problem Trees
  • ​Causal Loop Diagram
  • ​5 Whys
  • ​Dataflow Diagrams
  • Life Design Maps
  • Network Architecture
  • ​PERT Charts
  • ​SWOT Analysis
  • ​Syntax Diagrams
  • ​Dependency Diagrams
  • Goal Trees
  • ​Influence Diagrams
  • ​Roadmap Diagrams
  • Strategy Maps
  • Web Sitemaps
  • Function Analysis Diagrams

...and more!

"You know when you've got so many thoughts, ideas or problems in your head you can't think straight? Flying Logic fixes that."
Graham Scott
GW Scott & Associates Ltd.
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